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Is your outside space overlooked and underused?

Here's how to transform it into a year-round hotspot! 

Designed for hospitality and leisure, sports venues & public space.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our seating will ensure your venue is the first choice, especially in the evenings and the cooler seasons.

With a visible lively outdoor area, your venue will draw in the local footfall

versatile & Adaptable

  • Sizes to fit.

  • Choose styles, colours and finishes.

  • Retrofit options to existing furniture.

  • Branding opportunities available.

  • Extras such as USB charging and LED lighting

robust & Durable

  • Engineered for permanent outdoor use

  • Highly resistant to erosion, wear and tear, and vandalism

  • Mainenance free

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Energy efficient

Our ultra-efficient heating system delivers consistent warmth with minimal environmental impact, reducing energy consumption and costs.


By being competitively priced, revenue generating, and having significant energy savings, DragonBench™ offers an exceptional return on investment.

Bremen, Germany.jpg

Steve, Owner
Hills Drinkery, Bremen

I have Dragon Benches at three
bars in Germany so far; all with
branding from a well-known
local brewery!


Phil, Owner
The Errigle Inn, Belfast

Our cushioned heated seats are a fantastic addition which ensure our extensive outdoor areas are busy all year round

The Museum Inn.jpg

David, Head of Property, The Museum Inn, Farnham

Our refurbished outdoor area has benefited greatly from DragonBench heated banquettes. Diners now enjoy the open air whatever the season

Some of our clients


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can DragonBench heated seating benefit my commercial space?‍

A: DragonBench heated seating enhances outdoor areas by providing comfortable, warm seating, extending the usability of outdoor spaces into evenings and colder weather, and adding an attractive and modern aesthetic. 


Q: Is bulk purchasing available for commercial buyers?

A: Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options with competitive pricing for commercial buyers. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs and to receive a customized quote.

Q: Can DragonBench heated seating be customized to match our brand or theme?‍

A: Absolutely! We provide customization options, including colour, branding, and design features to align the benches with your business or organization's aesthetic.

Q: What safety certifications do DragonBench products have?

‍A: Dragon Bench heated seating meets and exceeds industry safety standards. Detailed information about certifications can be provided upon request.

Q: Are there specific models designed for high-traffic areas?‍

A: Yes, we offer models that are specially designed to withstand the demands of high-traffic commercial spaces, ensuring durability and performance. 

Q: How do I maintain DragonBench heated seating?

‍A: DragonBench products are designed for very low maintenance, and we provide comprehensive care instructions and support.


Q: Is financing available for commercial purchases?

‍A: Equipment lease financing is available for qualified commercial buyers. Our sales representatives can provide detailed information.

Q:What is the lead time?

‍A: Lead time varies based on order size, customization, and availability. Our sales team can provide you with an estimated delivery time tailored to your specific order.


Q: Who do I contact for after-sales support, service, or warranty claims?

‍A: DragonBench offers after-sales support for commercial clients. You can reach us directly via phone or email for any service or warranty-related enquiries.

Q: Can DragonBench heated seating be integrated with existing outdoor furniture or settings?‍

A: Yes, DragonBench heated seating can be integrated into various outdoor settings, and we are available to assist in ensuring a seamless fit with your existing furniture or layout


We will not share your info with anyone

DragonBench™: Where innovation meets commercial success

For additional information, visit or contact us at or call us directly at 01273 921 345

Transform your venue with DragonBench™ - the ultimate solution in heated outdoor seating.

Elevate the guest experience, regardless of the season, and watch as your outdoor areas become the highlight of your establishment.

Eco-Friendly | Customizable | Durable | Cost-Effective

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