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The hottest seat in town... 

DragonBench offers cutting-edge heated seating to the leisure and hospitality sector.

Engineered for durability and zero maintenance;
DragonBench stands resilient against the rigorous
pace of the hospitality world and the
unpredictable whims of British weather.


Revitalise your outdoor spaces with DragonBench, enticing guests to return for more memorable experiences.

An endless peak season beckons with DragonBench

High performance and hassle-free heated outdoor seating



Are your outside areas underused and overlooked?


Rediscover your outdoor spaces with DragonBench, our cutting-edge heated seating.

More than just overcoming the cold, our heated seating offers a profoundly comfortable experience no matter the weather.

Ideal for all seasons. In cooler months, the appeal is clear. When the sun sets and summer evenings cool, the DragonBench becomes essential.

Hotel bar enclave with cushioned heated seating


Energy Efficiency

Dismayed by the exorbitant energy costs associated with outdoor heating?

Our heating method utilizes conduction to minimize heat loss, ensuring that the warmth is directly transferred to the user.

This efficient process provides exceptional warmth for as little as 2p an hour, delivering drastic energy savings.


Experience unparalleled comfort without the high costs.

                         Output     Costs 1hr        Emissions

DragonBench       0.2kWh    Less than 5p   50kgCO2/yr
Origin 4-Seater


Electric               2kWh       58p               500kgCO2/yr  Radiant Heater

LPG Patio           12kWh      £3.57            3300kgCO2/yr


Heated seating banquettes in Nando's restaurant



Struggle with outdoor furniture that quickly wears out or looks uninviting?

Discover DragonBench: Our seating redefines outdoor heating with patented technology and unbeatable engineering


Durability: Scratch-resistant and built for permanent use outdoors.

Zero Maintenance: Designed to last without the fuss.

Ease of Use: Features programmable settings and auto-adjustment.

Select from various sizes and stylish finishes, including sleek stainless steel or cozy cushioned upholstery, enhanced with optional USB charging and LED lighting for complete functionality.

DragonBench 3-seater at seafront shop



Are you having difficulty keeping your outdoor heating set for optimal warmth?

DragonBench elevates comfort with dual-sensing technology, automatically regulating temperature and power for efficient warmth.

Customize your comfort by setting the seat and backrest temperatures independently for a tailored all-body warmth.


Choose auto-mode for hassle-free heating: DragonBench adapts to ambient temperature changes, always ensuring the perfect warmth effortlessly.


Heated seating in beer garden



The Redan

Since installing my Dragon Benches customers have been queuing to use them. I started with two, then four and have now I have twelve!
DragonBench heated seating with red fluted cushioned upholstery in pub



The Errigle Inn

Our cushioned heated seats are a fantastic addition which ensure our extensive outdoor areas are busy all year round.
DragonBench heated seating with blue cushioned upholstery in beer garden



The White Rabbit

We transformed our city centre pub into a very successful business. The key USP is our 32 DragonBench heated seats which reliably fill up.
Branded DragonBench heated seating in beer garden


General Manager

The Purple Turtle

Our drinks suppliers have sponsored all our Dragon Benches, with their branding perfectly displayed. I’m looking to get several more as our customers love them!

Real Distinction

Explore the many ways in which DragonBench heated seating will create demand and cause customer loyalty to soar!

Unique and distinctive

The ultimate kerb appeal!

Long-lasting & Maintenance Free

Branding opportunities

Gold RHS White.jpg

Very low energy usage

Flexible purchase terms and trials

FAQs - Commercial

Q: How can DragonBench heated seating benefit my commercial space?
‍A: DragonBench heated seating enhances outdoor areas by providing comfortable, warm seating, extending the usability of outdoor spaces in colder weather, and adding an attractive and modern aesthetic. 

Q: Is bulk purchasing available for commercial buyers?
‍A: Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options with competitive pricing for commercial buyers. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs and to receive a customized quote.
Q: Can DragonBench heated seating be customized to match our brand or theme?
‍A: Absolutely! We provide customization options, including colour, branding, and design features to align the benches with your business or organization's aesthetic.
Q: What safety certifications do DragonBench products have?
‍A: DragonBench heated seating meets and exceeds industry safety standards. Detailed information about certifications can be provided upon request.
Q: Are there specific models designed for high-traffic areas?
‍A: Yes, we offer models that are specially designed to withstand the demands of high-traffic commercial spaces, ensuring durability and performance.
Q: How do I maintain DragonBench heated seating?
‍A: DragonBench products are designed for very low maintenance, and we provide comprehensive care instructions and support.
Q: Is financing available for commercial purchases?
‍A: Equipment lease financing is available for qualified commercial buyers. Our sales representatives can provide detailed information.
Q:What is your lead time?
‍A: Lead time varies based on order size, customization, and availability. Our sales team can provide you with an estimated delivery time tailored to your specific order.
Q: Who do I contact for after-sales support, service, or warranty claims?
‍A: DragonBench offers dedicated after-sales support for commercial clients. You can reach our support team directly via phone or email for any service or warranty-related inquiries.

Q: Can DragonBench heated seating be integrated with existing outdoor furniture or settings?
‍A: Yes, DragonBench heated seating can be integrated into various outdoor settings, and we are available to assist in ensuring a seamless fit with your existing furniture or layout.

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