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Domestic Heated Seating

Enjoy your garden in warmth whatever the season!

The DragonBench™ is the perfect way to enjoy your outdoors all year round.

Whether it’s a crisp winter morning or a summer evening you will be able to relax and enjoy your surroundings in warming comfort.

FAQs - domestic use 

Q: How will DragonBench heated seating enhance my outdoor living space?

‍A: DragonBench heated seating offers a comfortable and stylish solution to enjoying your patio, garden, or deck year-round. The built-in heating ensures a cozy and inviting outdoor space, especially during the evenings and the cooler months.


Q: Is Dragon Bench heated seating safe for home use?

‍A: Yes, safety is a priority for DragonBench, and our products are designed with safety features. They meet all relevant safety standards for domestic use.


Q: How difficult is it to install DragonBench heated seating at home?

‍A: Installation is generally straightforward, with detailed instructions provided.


Q: What are the energy costs associated with running DragonBench heated seating?

‍A: Dragon Bench heated seating is supremely energy-efficient. Whilst the exact cost will depend on usage and local electricity rates, in general, energy consumption is minimal and compares very favorably to all other forms of outdoor and indoor heating.


Q: Can I customize the design or colour of my DragonBench?

‍A: Certain models may offer customization options. Please refer to the product descriptions or contact our customer service team to explore available choices.


Q: What warranty and support are provided with a DragonBench purchase?

‍A: DragonBench heated seating comes with a comprehensive warranty covering manufacturing defects and other specific issues. Our customer service is always available by phone & email to assist with any questions or concerns.


Q: Is DragonBench heated seating weather-resistant?

‍A: Yes, DragonBench products are manufactured with weather-resistant materials and designed for permanent outdoor use, ensuring durability and performance throughout the seasons.


Q: How do I clean and maintain my Dragon Bench heated seating?

‍A: Maintaining your DragonBench is simple, with easy-to-follow cleaning instructions provided. 


Q: Where can I purchase DragonBench heated seating for home use?‍

A: DragonBench heated seating can be purchased directly from ourselves, or authorised dealers


Q: Can DragonBench heated seating be used indoors?

‍A: While primarily designed for outdoor use, all models are perfectly suitable for indoor settings.


Experience warmth and comfort like never before with DragonBench heated seating.

Perfect for any home, our seating offers therapeutic warmth that transforms spaces into cozy havens.

Energy-efficient and elegantly designed, DragonBench comes with customizable settings to perfectly suit you.

Ideal for relaxing alone or gathering with family and friends, it adds a distinctive touch of luxury and warmth to every moment spent at home.

Elevate your home living with DragonBench.

Pets love them too!

Family cat walking on DragonBench heated seating
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